Associate Did Not Receive Direct Deposit

The below article details some of the reasons why an Associate may not have received their Direct Deposit

Verifying No User Error: 

A possible reason for an Associate not receiving their direct deposit on the expected date is that the employee was accidentally left off of the Pay Run altogether. 

  • On the Payroll tab - you can view the Report for the Pay Date in question. If the Associate is missing from the report - this would indicate that the Associate was left off/excluded from that respective Pay Run
    • A common instance of the above would be that the Time Sheet for the Associate was Submitted but not Approved. You can check this by viewing the Time Sheet Report

Banking Related Causes: 

1. It is possible that the direct deposit information that was entered into the Associate Record was incorrect. Any or all of the following could have been entered incorrectly into the Record:

  • Routing Number. 
  • Account Number. 
  • Account type. 

In instances where banking information was entered incorrectly - FINSYNC will receive notification that the funds were returned to us and unable to be delivered to the Associate due to incorrect banking information. If this were to happen, the direct deposit banking information in the Associate Record can be updated and the funds rerouted. 

NOTE: FINSYNC is usually notified 1-2 days AFTER the expected direct deposit date. 


2. The specific bank that is set to receive the funds related to the Associate's direct deposit may choose to place a hold on those incoming funds. In these instances, we recommend calling the specific local branch number for where that Associate's banks. Calling the main line of a large FI will likely yield no results, but calling the specific branch will yield better results. 

NOTE: In these situations, FINSYNC has no control over whether or not a bank will post the funds at the designated time.