Associate Portal Overview

This article provides an overview of FINSYNC's Associate Portal that 1099 and W2 employees can access.

FINSYNC allows you to invite your associates (employee & 1099 contractors) to help you better manage and organize the payroll department of your business. 

The Associate Portal provides your associates/employees with access to the following areas: 

  • Timesheets (to be submitted for approval). 
  • Access Pay Stubs.
  • Update Direct Deposit information. 
  • Update Tax information. 



  • The Timesheet in the Associates Portal can be updated on a daily basis and submitted for approval to the profile administrator. 

Pay Stubs

Pay Stubs

  • Associates can view their Paystub History at any point in time from within the Associates Portal. 

Direct Deposit Information 

Associates 4-1

  • Associates can update their Direct Deposit information at any point in time from the Associates Portal. 
  • Associates can also navigate to the Tax Details section to update their tax information at any point in time.