How to Set Collections Reminders

Collections Reminders are a great way to get the cash you need into your account faster. Setting reminders is an option on each individual invoice as well as recurring invoices (set when you create the recurrence schedule).

To begin setting up invoices with collections reminders, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Click the tab for Payments in the top menu.

2.  Click on the Invoices tab in the left menu.


3. Click the New Invoice button.

4.  Select your customer and the items you wish to invoice for. You can add additional items using Add Line feature. Be sure to complete the rest of the invoice as you desire.


5.  Based on the payment terms you desire, set payment reminders to either Weekly or Monthly and click Save.


Once you send an invoice with Collections Reminders, FINSYNC will automatically keep track of its paid status, and based on how overdue it is, FINSYNC will send reminders until it is paid.