Enabling the Timeclock for Team Members

Note: Use of the Timeclock feature requires a subscription with the Payroll functionality. See details in the following article and how to upgrade to a subscription plan that includes Payroll: Overview of FINSYNC's Payroll Module

FINSYNC allows your team (associates) to track their time either through the Associate's Portal or the Timeclock or both. The Timeclock is useful for teams that need to:

  • Clock in and clock out from a smartphone
  • Clock in and clock out at specific locations (geo fenced or IP address)
  • Set up a shared device for clocking in and clocking out

To enable the Timeclock feature, follow the steps outlined below:

Note: Time-Clock Entries are not able to be edited in any way. However, if you are using the Time-Clock for payroll purposes and need to make manual adjustments, click HERE to do so. 

1. Click on the Payroll tab in the top menu

2. Click on the Settings button in the top right.


3. Scroll down to the Timeclock section of the Payroll settings and choose whether you want to use the Timeclock from a shared device, individual devices or both.

Note: You can optionally go ahead and add approved locations or IP addresses at this time.


4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.


4. Click on the Associates Records tab in the left-hand menu.


5. Choose an Associate who is either W2 Hourly or 1099 Hourly.

Note: Timeclock is not currently supported for salaried employees.


6. Choose Set a Pin for the associate if they will clock in from a shared device and enter a 4 digit pin and save.

7. Alternatively, choose Send an Email Invitation if the associate will clock in from their own device.