FINSYNC Billing Schedule and Records

FINSYNC will automatically bill your account by ACH bank draft to account for subscription fees as well as your transactional fees that may or may not occur: 

Note: Your subscription is billed in advance at the beginning of the month for the subsequent month 

Note: The sum of all of your transactional items: payroll processes, ACH transfers in both directions, lockbox items and remote checks cut are totaled and billed at the same time for the month that just ended. For more information on transactional fees, click HERE

Viewing Your Billing History

1. Mouse over the Company Profile Icon (appears as a silhouette of a person) in the top right corner of the screen and select Profile Settings

2. When redirected, click on Billing & Subscription in the left hand menu. 

3. You can click on the linked Invoice items to view an expanded/detailed breakdown of that month's billing costs.