How Payroll & Projects Interact


Note: If you are planning on running Payroll directly off of time that has been tracked to Projects, you will need to ensure that the Pay-Run dates align with the dates used for tracking Project time. To ensure that this is set up properly, feel free to contact us HERE for assistance. 


The time you track in FINSYNC can be used for two purposes:

1. Project time is used for tabulating hours logged on a project. They are an expense on the project P&L and may also drive revenue if the project is billed hourly. 

2. Payroll time is used for tabulating what both contractor and direct employees get paid when payroll is processed.

Time entered on a project by a team member or by a project administrator on behalf of a team member updates that team member's hours on the project but also on their pay run. Entering or editing time entries in any of these locations updates BOTH that team member's pay run and the hours logged on that project:

  • Associate's Portal
  • Time Clock
  • Time Entries on the Project within the Admin View of Projects

For various reasons, payroll administrators may wish to adjust what team members get paid without adjusting hours logged on the project (which often drive the amounts on invoices to customers). For that reason, adjustments made on the payroll tab do not backwards update time on the project or what is visible to that team member in the Associate's Portal.


In order to keep your company profile up to date correctly, follow these rules:

1. To update Project AND Payroll time, go to the Projects tab, open the project in question, and adjust the time entry on the task in question.


2. To update ONLY Payroll time, make adjustments in the Payroll tab. Once you make adjustments in the payroll tab, hours in payroll and hours in projects for a particular task WILL NO LONGER MATCH.