How to Account for Child-Support and Garnishments in Payroll

This article outlines the the required steps in order to account for Child-Support and Garnishments on Associate Records in FINSYNC's Payroll module.

Note: If you are subscribed to the Payroll & Payments level of the software, you will need to contact Support HERE before proceeding. 

In order to account for Employee Garnishments to be paid from within your FINSYNC profile, you will need to create a Vendor Profile that is representative of the Agency receiving the funds. In addition to this, you will need to create a Recurring Bill and set it for automatic pay in order for the funds to be sent to the appropriate Agency. Follow the steps outlined below to complete these actions. 

Vendor Profile  

1. Click on the Payments tab in the top menu. 

2. Click on the Vendor tab located in the left-hand menu. 

3. Here you'll be creating the Vendor Profile to represent the Agency that the funds are being directed to. 

4. You will need to enter in the following information: 

  • Agency Name = Company Name.
  • Underneath the Name & Address tab enter in the Mailing Address. 
  • Underneath Payment Method select FINSYNC-Mailed Check. 
    • When FINSYNC-Mailed Check is selected as the Payment Method, FINSYNC will mail a check to the designated mailing address attached to the Vendor Profile. It will be your responsibility to monitor that the check clears your bank register. 

Optional: We recommend setting up an online, direct access garnishment tracker with the respective agency. In order to do this, you will need to contact the agency itself who can provide assistance. 

Recurring Bill Pay

1. Click on the Bills tab in the left0hand menu underneath the Expenses section.  

2. Click on the green New Bill button and complete the following fields: 

  • Be sure to select the correct Vendor (profile was created in section above). 
  • Enter in the Amount. 
  • Assign an Account type for reporting purposes.
  • Enter in the appropriate Due Date
    • When the FINSYNC-Mailed check option is selected underneath the Payment Method section of the Vendor profile, FINSYNC will mail out the check in order for it to arrive prior to the Due Date
  • Toggle on the Recurring Bill option: 
    • Enter in the Start Date to determine when the recurring schedule begins.
    • Select the Frequency you want this bill to repeat (weeks, months & years).

Note: We would recommend entering in the Case ID of the garnishment into the Memo line of the bill creation page. 

3. Click the green Save button.