How to Add New Bank Accounts and Charge Accounts (Mobile)

FINSYNC's Mobile platform allows you to easily add in Bank Accounts and Charge Accounts to help you run your business.

To add in any Bank Account or Charge Account, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Click on the collapsible menu in the top left corner of your screen. 

2. Select Accounts.

3. Click on the Bank Accounts button where you see Add New + on the right. 

4. You can decide if you want to sync your account or add it manually.

Sync: Syncing your account will pull in your bank transactions.

Manual:  Manually adding your account number and routing number will not pull in your transactions. This will add your account for ACH transactions.

5. Follow the next steps based on whether you chose to sync or add your account manually:

If you chose to sync your bank transactions: 

  • Click to continue.
  • Next.
  • Find your bank (You can click on the logo from this page or use the search box to find your specific bank).
  • Next.
  • Enter the required fields (This could include your company ID, username and password) and submit when finished.
  • Select which account you want to sync.

If you chose to add your account the manual way, fill out all Information Fields: 

  • Bank Name (Institution)
  • Name on Bank Account (who your statements are addressed to)
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • Verify account number
  • Account Type (Checking or Savings)

5. Click on the green Save button.