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How to Attach Receipts to Payments

FINSYNC does not allow you to attach receipts to payments directly. You must create a bill with an attached receipt and then match the payment to the bill.

Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Mouse over Payments at the top and select Expenses from the dropdown.

Screenshot (53)


2. The screen will default to the Payables section of Expenses. On the far right, hover over the grey NEW button and select Bill.

Screenshot (54)

3. Complete the required fields on the bill: Vendor, Account, and Amount. Complete other fields as needed.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 143538


4. Select Add an Attachment in the bottom left.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 143538-1


5. Find the receipt in your computer files and select it to upload to the newly created bill. A list will appear showing all attachments you've uploaded.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 144127

NOTE: If you need to delete an attachment you've uploaded, mouse over the attachment name and you will see a red X populate on the right side. Simply click the 'X' to remove the attachment. 

Screenshot (55)


6. Select Save at the bottom once you're finished.

There will now be a bill in a temporarily unpaid state.



7. Hover over Banking in the main menu and select the bank account or credit card account from which the payment funds were withdrawn.

Screenshot (56)

8. Find the payment transaction from the list and mouse over the ellipses (3 dots) on the far right. Select Apply to Payable.

Screenshot (57)

9. Find the bill in the list of unpaid bills and select the empty check box on the left side. The green indicator on the right should display "$0.00 Left." Select Match to complete. 

Screenshot (59)


Congratulations! You now have a payment matched to a bill with an attached receipt.


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