How to Change Profile Ownership (Email & Password)

FINSYNC allows Profiles to change ownership (password & email) at any point in time by the profile owner.

Note: The following steps and actions can only be completed by the Profile Owner. If you are simply an invited USER of the FINSYNC profile, rather than the owner, you will be unable to follow the below steps.

In order to change the Password and Email combination associated with a FINSYNC profile, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Mouse over the Company Profile Icon and select Account Setting

Account Settings

2. You should automatically be redirected to the Security Settings page of the profile. If you are not, you can click on the section from the left-hand menu. 


3. Underneath the Login Info section, you change your account Password and the Email address that is used to log in. 

  • You must enter in the current profile password before being able to proceeded with any changes. 

4. Use the green Save Changes button.