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How to Edit Paid Bills

Bills in FINSYNC can only be edited in an unpaid state. However, there is a simple solution that will enable you to edit paid bills, this process is detailed below:

Bills that are either manually designated as paid or are done so automatically through FINSYNC (meaning your vendor accepted a payment) will now have a Matched status. In FINSYNC, Matched means that either a bill or an invoice has been matched to a corresponding transaction in your bank account.

The steps to edit a PAID bill are to: temporarily un-match the payment transaction, which changes the bill status from paid to unpaid, and then to make your desired edits. Lastly you need to change the status back to Matched.

To edit a paid bill, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Click on the Banking tab in the top menu. 

Note: if you have multiple bank/charge accounts synced with FINSYNC, you will need to select the proper account where this transaction is recorded. 

2. Locate the transaction from the transaction table for your respective account. 

3. Click on the transaction to expand it to view associated properties. 

4. Click the red "X" to un-match that transaction from the bill.

5. Now that the transaction has been un-matched from the bill, you will be able to make edits to the item. Navigate away from the Banking page to the Payments page by using the menu located at the top of your screen. 

6. Click on the Bills tab found in the left hand menu. 

7. Locate your specific bill and once found, mouse over the ellipses (stacked circles) at the end of the row on the right. Select EDIT

8. After you have made your desired edits, you will need to re-match the bill (payable) with the transaction on the banking page. Click on the Banking tab in the top menu. 

9. Locate the transaction from the transaction table for your respective account. 

10. Mouse over the ellipses on the far right end of the transaction row and select Apply to Payable. 

11. Once you locate the payable (bill) that needs to be re-matched,  click the check box to the left of the row and then click the green Match button on the upper-right.

12.  To verify you have completed the process, click on the Payments tab and then click Bills on the left menu.  The search option can be used to locate the bill by the vendor name or bill number. The bill should now appear with a status of Matched as well as reflect the edits made to it.