How to Manually Adjust Time on an Associate's Timesheet for Unprocessed Pay Runs

As an administrator for payroll, you may occasionally need to manually adjust the tracked time to an employee's timesheet before the Pay Run has been processed. 

To manually adjust an employee's timesheet, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Mouse over the Payroll tab in the top menu and select Current Pay Run.

2. After locating the Associate/Employee you are needing to make adjustments for, mouse over the ellipses at the far end of the row and select View Time Sheet.

3. Enter into the time cell (squares) the corrected time amount for the respective day(s). 

4. Use the green Save & Approve button and repeat the above process for any employees. 

Note: Adjustments made here will reflect back onto the historical reports of the Pay Runs and the Time Sheet. However, if the Time-Clock was used to log this time, the manual  adjustments will not be reflected in the report of Time Clock Entries. Additionally, Time-Clock Entries are not capable of being edited.