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How to Match One Deposit to Multiple Invoices

Given that there are many reasons why one deposit may be related to multiple invoices,  FINSYNC allows you to match one deposit to multiple invoices. However, you must split the deposit first. Similarly, if you want to undo a split transaction (after it has been matched), you must first un-match the deposit.


To begin matching deposits with multiple invoices, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Click on the Banking tab in the top menu. 

2. Select the correct bank account in the left-hand menu. If you only have one account synced, you can skip this step (FINSYNC automatically selects the account if only one exists).

3. Find the transaction for the deposit and click on the ellipses on the right to see the transaction menu options.

4. Click Split


5. Add as many rows as you have invoices or add that many plus an extra if you need to account for credit card processor fees or other transactional expenses (pictured below:)


6. Change the amounts in each cell until they sum to the amount of the deposit.

Note: You can use a negative number to account for a processing fee that was taken before the money was deposited into your account.

7. Click Confirm Split.


8. You will be taken back to the banking page and you will see each sub-transaction in the Originals and Splits view.


9. Click the ellipses  on the row of the transaction to be applied and choose Apply to Receivable.


10. Find the invoice and click the box next to it to select it. 


12. Click Match.


When you are finished, you will see that the account name of the newly matched sub-transaction has changed from Income - Uncategorized to the name matching your customer's account.


To Undo This Process:

Before you can undo the transaction splitting, you must first un-match all of the transactions involved in the split.  If you did not match the transaction, skip to step FILL IT IN

1. Return to your bank account page that lists the transactions you want to un-split.  Do this by clicking on the banking tab, and selecting the bank account linked to the split transactions.

2. Select the matched sub-transactions made from the split. If it is not visible, make sure the page is set to Show Originals and Splits.


3. On the highlighted blue box that says "Invoice # XXXXXX," click the red X to unlink the transaction.


4. Repeat Step 3 for all matched transactions involved in the split.  Once done, all sub-transactions will be labeled in the Account column as Income - Uncategorized.

5. Click the row of one of the child transactions.

6. Click the text Edit Split located at the bottom.


7. Click Undo Split at the bottom of the page.