How to Navigate the Payment Details when Creating an Invoice

This article covers Payment Details, How to set an invoice as recurring, auto-drafting your customers bank account and how to record a payment.

Payment Details 

  1. Mouse over Payments at the top in the blue banner and select Income.
  2. On the right, mouse over Options and select New Invoice.
  3. Enter your invoice details and select Payment Details on the right.

1. Payment Details

Set Reminder: 

You are able to set a reminder for your customers if you prefer. This will send your customer a weekly or monthly email reminding them until payment is received. The emails are automatically sent on your behalf from our system.

Accept Partial Payments:

In order to allow partial payments to be made by your customers, simply click the toggle option to green.

Note: You need to have the amount filled in on your invoice before you can use this option. 

Once the toggle is green you will see additional options populate for the payment schedule. You can set how much of the total invoice amount you want your customer to pay and the due date for each payment. 

The Payment Schedule defaults to the total invoice amount so you would just update the amount in the first box and then select the green Split button to add a second payment amount and date. 

Example: If the total invoice amount is $100 and you want the customer to have the option to pay 50% in the first month and then the remaining balance on another date, you would put $50 in the first box and the due date in the second box. You are able to split the payments up however you choose!

Note: If you want to remove one of the split payment options, simply mouse over the payment you want to remove and you’ll see a red ‘X’ populate on the right. Select the ‘X’ to delete. 

Payment Terms:

You can type in your own payment terms. This is optional.

Additional Notes: 

You can add any notes you want your customer to review as this is customer facing. 

Private Notes: 

Private notes are NOT customer facing. This is information for yourself if you have something you need to keep track of regarding this specific customer and invoice. 

2. Set as recurring

In order to set up recurring invoices, simply click the toggle option to green. Once the toggle is green you will see additional fields populate with several options for recurring invoices.

Select the options for this recurring invoice:

Start Date: The Date this recurring invoice should start

Repeat Every: The desired frequency for this recurring invoice (weeks, months, years).

Recurs Until - Select one of the following options: 

  • Further Notice: Invoice will continue until manually canceled/updated
  • A Specific End Date: Enter the ending date
  • A Specific Number of Invoices: Enter the number of invoices

Require Approval - Select one of the following options:

  • Require Approval:

Select the toggle switch to turn on (green) if each new recurrence of this invoice must be approved before sending. These will appear in the To Approve queue for review & approval before sending. This is also convenient for any situations where additional information needs to be added to an invoice. 

  • No approval needed: 

Leave the toggle switch off if no approval is needed. This is required for the invoice to be sent automatically for each recurrence.

Send Automatically: 

  • Select the toggle switch to turn on (green) if you want the system to automatically email your customer invoices when they are scheduled to be repeated. This will also populate options for how you would like to accept payment. 

Due Date: Select the number of days you want to give your customers to pay from the date they receive the invoice. 

Note: Invoices being considered for FINSYNC Collect Early must be set to 30 days (or less)

3. Auto-Draft:

To initiate auto-draft of your customers bank account (ACH) click the toggle option to green. You should see a confirmation note stating that the customer’s bank account will be automatically drafted. 

Note: You would need to have your customers bank account number and routing number in order to toggle this option on. Here is a tutorial on How to Store Payment Info for Auto-Draft in Customer Records.

4. Record Payment: 

This option is to indicate that a check or cash was received. 

In order to record the payment, click the toggle so it turns green. This will populate additional options. Fill in the amount and date the funds were received as well as the bank account you deposited it into and the check number if applicable. 

If a partial payment was received, the Balance After Payment section will automatically update showing what your customer still owes. 

Note: If Auto-draft is turned on, the Record Payment option will not be available. 



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