How to Set Up a Funding Account for FINSYNC Subscription Billing

FINSYNC bills customers once a month which will include your subscription fee for the current month and any transactional and payroll charges from the previous month.

In order to access and use your FINSYNC profile, you will need to have a bank account set up as a Funding Account with routing and account number entered in order to use FINSYNC.

In order to set up a funding account for your FINSYNC profile, watch the video below or follow the steps outlined below: 



1. Click on the Company Profile Icon at the top-right of the screen and click Account Settings.


2. From the menu on the left, click on the Billing & Subscription tab.


3. Click the green ADD FUNDING ACCOUNT button found at the bottom of your screen.

4. Complete the required fields.

Note: You can find your routing and account number on a paper check from your bank account.


5. If there is only one bank account with this profile, check the box for Make this the default bank account for sending and receiving payments.


6. Click the green SAVE AS FUNDING ACCOUNT button to complete the setup.