How to Set Up Your Financial Institution's Electronic Loan Application

Learn how to link from your website, newsletters, social media and elsewhere to your electronic loan application.

When you partner with FINSYNC, you get access to a plug-and-play electronic loan application that requires no IT integration.

Getting set up is simple.


  1. Claim your unique URL. During FINSYNC onboarding, you'll want to claim a unique URL for your FI.

    Example: Your financial institution is named Happy Bank. FINSYNC issues you the following URL:
  2. Point links and buttons in your marketing to your unique URL.

    Using the example above, Happy Bank would create a link in the business-facing section of their website that says something like "Apply for a Business Loan" and the destination for that link would be:

It's that simple. Contact support (at) if you need to claim your unique URL.