How to Track Regular & Project Time

Note: Use of the Timeclock feature requires a subscription with the Payroll functionality. See details in the following article and how to upgrade to a subscription plan that includes Payroll: Overview of FINSYNC's Payroll Module

To track regular time and project time using the FINSYNC mobile time clock, follow the steps outlined below:


1. Visit

2. Login using your email and password.

3. Input your pin.


Tracking Regular Time (not tracked to a project):

Note: regular time is time you work for your company that should not be billed to a customer.


1.  Leaving project set to Select Project, click on the Clock In button.


2. You will receive a success message similar to:


3. When you stop working for your company directly, log back in and click Clock Out.


4. You will receive a success message that includes total time worked:


Tracking Time to Projects

1. Before clicking Clock In, choose a Project.

2. Choose a Task.

3. Click on the Clock In button. 


4. You will receive a Success message.


5. When ready to clock out, login again and click on Clock Out. 


7. You will receive a Success message with a summary of time tracked.