How to Create and Send an Invoice

Creating an invoice in FINSYNC is easy. You can create a single invoice to be used only once, or you can use automation to create recurring invoices and set collections reminders.

Watch this brief video or follow the steps outlined below:

Follow these steps to create an invoice:

1. Click on Payments from the main.

2. From the menu on the left, click Quick Links to expand the menu

3. Click the "+" icon next to Invoices to create a new invoice


4.  Select a Customer name.

5.  Add at least one item to the invoice, including Unit Price, Qty and applicable % for sales tax.

6. Explore the Settings to the right for a number of options for invoicing

7.  Scroll to the bottom-right of the page and choose one of the available options from the Save button (pictured below).

8. When you select Save & Send, you'll be prompted to confirm the payment methods you would like to offer your customers: