FINSYNC's Limited Plan

The Limited Plan is available to any customer or vendor who receives an invoice or payment from a FINSYNC user. A customer or vendor who has a Limited Account with FINSYNC will be able to access your payment history as well as save payment details to the Limited Account. Doing so will make receiving and sending payments faster. This information is stored in the Payments Inbox. 


Note: Limited Plan owners will NOT be able to generate their own invoices or payments. They will only be able to send or receive payment when initiated by another FINSYCN users.

Users of the Limited Plan can upgrade to the Payments or Cashflow Management Plan plans to unlock additional payments and accounting features. When upgrading, users are entered into  the 7-day trial period. At the end of the trial period, users can decide if they would like to continue with that version of the product or revert back to the Limited Plan.


Any customer who pays your bill through FINSYNC will automatically be added to your database.

Receive payments by ACH or mailed check. 

Notifications each time a FINSYNC user wants to pay you.

A summary of all historical activity with a particular FINSYNC customer.


Any vendor who invoices you through FINSYNC will automatically be added to your database.

Securely issue payment by ACH or Charge Card. 

Automatic notification of payment to your vendors.

Your vendors have a record of your submitted payments along with remittance details.

Ability to track overdue bills.