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Receiving Payments

FINSYNC allows you to submit a request to receive a payment from your customer using one simple screen.

Using FINSYNC Payments allows you to easily invoice your customers and receive payments all in one place.

Note: Prior to using the Receive Payments option, please be sure the necessary payment options have been configured based on the payment methods you prefer to offer to customers when using Receive Payments.

To begin Receiving Payments through your FINSYNC account, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Select the Payments tab on the top menu.

2. From the left-hand menu select Receive Payment.

3. Complete the necessary fields within the Receive Payment screen: 

  • Customer: Select from your existing list or you can add a new customer by selecting the ADD NEW link below the drop down menu to select a customer. 
  • Amount: Enter in the appropriate amount to receive from you customer. Be sure to account for the total of all fees, taxes, etc.
  • Due Date: Select the date that you want the customer to provide the payment.
  • Description: Add a description with any information you would like to note for the customer relating to this specific payment request.
  • Attachments: (optional) Attach an electronic file to the payment (PDF for example). This may be a receipt or invoice.
  • Additional Notes: (optional) Complete the additional notes field with any additional details.
  • Acceptable Payment Methods: Select the options for payment that you would like to provide to the customer. The options listed are based on the configurations for receiving payments using FINSYNC. The Bank Draft (ACH) option will appear by default. View the knowledge base articles below for the options for receiving payments and the necessary configurations.

4. Once all necessary fields are entered, select Send


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