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Receiving Payments

FINSYNC allows you to create an itemized invoice to send to your customer in one simple step.

Your FINSYNC Payments subscription allows you to easily invoice your customer and receive payments all in one place. 

To begin Receiving Payments through your FINSYNC account, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Select Receive Payment from the menu on the left. 

2. From the Receive Payment generation screen you will need to fill out the required information: 

  • Customer - Select from your existing list or, if needed, you can add a new customer using the link below the drop down menu. 
  • Amount - Enter in the appropriate amount accounting for the total of all fees, taxes, etc. 
  • Due Date - Select the date that the customer needs to pay the invoice by. 
  • Description - Fill in the description field with any information you would like to note for the customer relating to that specific invoice. 
  • Attachments - Optionally attach an electronic file to the payment (could be a PDF of the invoice being sent). 
  • Additional Notes - Optionally fill in the additional notes field with any information you would like to note.
  • Acceptable Payment Methods - Elect how you would like to receive payment from your customer from the options listed. Options are contingent upon the connectivity you have with your FINSYNC account. Some examples would be: ACH transfer, charge card or a mailed check.  

3. Hit Send