Payments, Payroll, Accounting & Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses with FINSYNC

Eddie Davis, SVP of Sales & Operations at FINSYNC was recently featured on Geek Speak a WebMobileFusion production

FINSYNC featured on Geek Speak WebMobile Fusion Podcast

In this podcast, host Lincoln Parks and Eddie take a deep dive in explaining what FINSYNC is doing in the banking landscape and how they are working alongside banks to help their small business customers through payments, payroll, and cash flow. 

Some of the questions discussed in this interview include:

  • How FINSYNC pivoted and helped Small Businesses through COVID
  • What makes FINSYNC different from other fintech companies
  • Advantages of FINSYNC compared to Quickbooks, Gusto, Paychex, and others

To hear more about how FINSYNC helps small businesses, check out the full GeekSpeak a WebMobileFusion production podcast interview now available on all streaming devices.

Listen to Podcast Interview