Create Projects with Fixed Rate Billing

Creating fixed rate billing projects in FINSYNC is a great way to find out how much money you profitable certain services are. Projects are just a catch all for a series of tasks and expenses with a defined beginning and end. 


To begin creating fixed rate billing projects, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Click on the Projects tab in the top menu. 

2. Click on the New Projects button.


3. From the New Project creation screen fill out the required information fields. 


4. You will need to create Phase(s) for your new project. To do so, click on Create the first phase. 


5. Fill out all required information on the New Phase creation screen. Select the option to Invoice the customer a fixed rate for the entire phase. 

Note: The fixed amount to be billed will be based on the set price listed in your Service Catalog which you will select from when creating this phase. 


To factor in the cost of time paid to associates for specific phases, you will need to generate Task(s) and assign them to associates.   

6. Click on Create the first task


7. Assign the task to a specific Associate.