Overview of FINSYNC's Projects Module

The Projects Module is FINSYNC's add-on to the Cashflow Management Plan for powerful, real-time project tasking, invoicing and profitability tracking.  

It makes grouping billable items together for a period of time and tracking margin easy!


Adds ability to tag an expense bank transaction directly to a project


Adds ability to populate an invoice directly from a project phase

Adds a notification each time you start to invoice a customer who has unbilled project work


Adds ability to tag bills to projects



Running P&L for all active projects

Running P&L for each individual project

Running P&L for each phase of a project

Storage for all completed projects

Subdivide projects into phases

Subdivide phases into tasks

Track completion

Track employee notes

Generate invoices directly from projects

Use past projects as templates for new projects

Send estimates


Adds task visibility and tracking to Associate's Portal

Adds task visibility and tracking to Time Clock


Adds project reports


Sharing & Permissions

Extra administrative users free (internal and external)

Customizable permissions (no access, view only, add, approve, send, pay, etc.)

Remove access at any time



$20/business entity. Extra administrative users free. No contract.


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