Quick Reference Guide for Payroll & Projects

This article provides important instructions when using features within FINSYNC’s Payroll and Projects functionality.


Tracking Time: 

FINSYNC allows users to track employee time in a number of ways for payroll purposes. 

  • Employees can Clock-In & Clock Out using the Mobile Time Clock. Employers must send out an invitation from the employee/associate profile for this to be accessed. 
  • Employers can manually enter in time to the Time-Sheet of each individual employee. Employees can also manually submit time into their Time-Sheets (if given access to the associates' portal).
  • Employers can set Standard Time underneath the Associate Profiles. This will then evenly redistribute hours across days underneath each Pay-Run. 

Note: Standard Hours will override all time logged with the Time-Clock. Standard Hours will also redistribute any hours that are entered into the total column. 

Editing Time Entries: 

  • Time-Clock Entries can be located underneath the Reports tab but they cannot be edited. If the Time-Clock is being used for payroll purposes and the tracked time needs to be changed, do the following: 
    1. Mouse over Payroll and select Current Pay Run
    2. Mouse over the ellipses at the end of the row of the associate/employee that needs to be edited and select View Timesheet
    3. Make adjustments and use green Save & Approve button. 

Note: If an employer needs to edit time that an employee/assocaite entered into the Time-Sheet, they can follow the above outlined steps to do so. 


Payroll & Projects: 

  • If wanting to use time tracked in Projects for Payroll purposes, the pay-run date range needs to coincide with the Current Week underneath the Calendar in Projects. If the timeframes do not align, the Pay-Runs will only display time entries in the current pay period which may not align with the projects time period. 


Time Off: 

Associate profiles can be set up to track Time-off accrual. additionally, logged time-off in an associate profile will translate for payroll purposes. Below are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Time-Off cannot be categorized for accrual purposes. I.E you are unable to designate amounts of hours for various categories (Sick, PTO,etc.) You will need to sum the total number of hours across categories to track the accruals. 
  • Logged Time-Off can be categorized. I.E. you are able to designate amounts of hours used towards/for specific categories. 
  • Accrued hours do not roll-over, they are annually reset. 
  • Employees can run a negative balance of available Time-Off