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How To Convert Quotes to Invoices

FINSYNC saves you time by letting you convert quotes (for sales or service) to invoices in a few easy steps. This article shows you how to convert a quote directly to an invoice and send to a customer.

These next steps can be completed after you have created and sent a quote to your customer and have obtained your customer's approval for the quote. You can now convert the quote directly to an invoice using the following steps:

1. Select Payments from the top menu

2. Select Quotes located in the menu on the left.

3. You will now see a list of your existing quotes. Using the search options, locate the quote you would like to convert to an invoice. Hover over the Ellipses (3 vertical dots) at the far right of the row. Select the Convert to Invoice option. The quote will convert to an invoice to review.

Screenshot (2)

4. Review your newly created invoice. You can use the Options menu in the upper-right of the screen to Send the invoice as-is, Edit the invoice or other options.

Screenshot (3)


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