How to Manage Your Catalog

Setting up the catalog is a great way to streamline your quotes and invoicing.

Your Catalog is a list of services and products that you provide that can be easily added to a quote or invoice. You have the ability to set default item names, descriptions and pricing which allows you to quickly create itemized quotes and invoices.

Follow the below steps to add items to your Catalog:

1.  Select New in the upper-left part of the screen and then select Catalog Item.

2. If this is the first time entering catalog items, there will be three green START buttons under each type of catalog item. Select START under the type of catalog item. For this example, Service has been selected.

Screenshot (6)-1

3.  The New Service Item screen will display. You can now complete all required fields and review any optional fields.

  • Sales Account: Select the Sales Account drop down menu to make your selection. If a new selection is needed, select the green ADD NEW button and you will be able to add a new item to your Chart of Accounts.
  • Item Name: Enter the name of the item in the Item Name field. This should be a title or brief description of the service to be performed.
  • Description: (optional) Enter a description
  • Selling price: Set your pricing.
  • Billing Method: Use hourly for services where each hour added should be billed. Use fixed for items such as products or fixed prices for time or effort involved.

5.  Select the SAVE button to complete the entry of this catalog item.

Now your new Catalog Item is available for use with quotes, invoicing and projects!


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