How to Change Method of Payment for Vendors

With FINSYNC you can easily change how you pay a particular vendor at any time from within your FINSYNC profile. To do so, you will follow the simple steps outlined below: 

1. Mouse over Payments in the top menu and select Expenses.


2.  Click on Vendors which can be found in the left hand column. 

3. Use the search bar to locate the vendor to change. You can also navigate through the rows to find the vendor. Once found, click on the row of the vendor to edit.


4.  Click the Payment Method tab.


5. From the Payment Method drop down menu, select the desired bank account that you have added to your FINSYNC profile. Be sure to provide any additional information if prompted.


6. Click Save.


These steps can be repeated at any point in time to change the Payment Method for vendors that in your FINSYNC profile.