Overview of Attributes (Classes)

FINSYNC uses an Attributes system to help you better understand how different parts of your company are performing financially.  You can add attributes to both Income and Expenses.

The following Attributes are available:

  • Associates - Associates are your team members.  Adding an Associate to an income or expense transaction may help you to track costs or income associated with that person's work. 
  • Departments - A very customizable way to track profitability from different parts of your company if you have different lines of business such as consulting and subscriptions.
  • Locations - Does your business have multiple physical locations, use locations to understand how each location is doing comparatively.
  • Projects - Understand how profitable each project you run is and use past projects to help you make better budgets.

Note: Under the Reports tab, you can look at a comparative Income Statement where your Associates, Departments, or Locations are laid out side by side.