How to Add Accounts to Chart of Accounts

Adding additional accounts to the Chart of Accounts (CoA) accounts is a great way to establish additional categories for tracking transactions and financial activity within FINSYNC.

Note: Please contact your FINSYNC profile owner if you do not currently have access to make changes to the Chart of Accounts. The permission settings for your account will need to be updated to setting to allow All Accounts within Banking.


Adding a new account within the overall list of Chart of Accounts

1. Mouse over the Company Profile Icon in the top right hand corner and select Profile Settings

Screenshot (36)-3

2. From the left hand menu, select Setup at the bottom to view more options. 

Screenshot (17)-1

3. Select Chart of Accounts.

Screenshot (17)-3

4. Your Chart of Accounts view will appear. Mouse over New on the right and select Account to create a new account/category.

Screenshot (19)-1

There are two required fields to update on this screen:

  • Account Type (Required): The most common selections for this field are Expense or Income. Please review to confirm the correct selection.
  • Account Number (This will be generated for you if you do not set one).
  • Account Name (Required)
  • Account Description (Optional).  
Note: Leave the box checked for Enabled if you wish to use this account immediately.

5. Select Save to complete the changes and add the account.





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