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Converting Sales Orders to Purchase Orders

Converting an outstanding Sales Order to a Purchase Order is an easy, time-saving way to order from your supplier while ensuring proper accounting and tracking.  

To begin converting Sales Orders to Purchase Orders follow the steps outlined below:
1. Select the tab for Payments in the top menu.

2. Select Orders in the left menu.

3.   Find the specific Sales Order you want to convert to a Purchase Order. Hover over the Ellipses icon on the right side of the row and select Convert to PO from the menu. 

Screenshot (14)

Alternatively, you can select the row itself, then select Create PO at the top of the Order Detail page.

4. The below pictured screen will appear for entry of PO details:

5. Fill in any necessary fields:

Select your vendor (supplier) from the dropdown on the left. Select the green Add New text to add a new customer. 

Enter the desired Payment Schedule on the right.

Select to assign the purchase order to either the Customer or Project this Purchase Order is associated with using the toggles (also on the right).

6. Select the down arrow next to Save to either Save & Send, Save & New or Save & Accept.

Screenshot (15)


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