Understanding Default Bank Accounts

Using multiple bank accounts from multiple institutions is no issue for your FINSYNC profile. Different default bank accounts can be set for different aspects of your business with ease.

FINSYNC lets you set your default bank accounts for the following:

  • Landing (Account) - This is the account that your Banking tab defaults to when you first click it.
  • Income (Receive Payments) - When a customer pays you, your money will go to this account.
  • Expenses (Send Payments) - This is the bank account where funds will be withdrawn when you pay bills through FINSYNC. Note: You can override the default account that you set when paying bills as needed.  
  • Payroll (Fund Payroll) - This is the account from which funds will be withdrawn in order to pay your team.
  • Billing (Pay FINSYNC Charges) - This is the account that will be  automatically billed for your FINSYNC subscription and transactional charges.


Set your Default Accounts:

1. Mouse over the Company Profile Icon in the top right hand corner and select Profile Settings

Screenshot (16)-1

2. Select Banking from the left-hand menu. 

Screenshot (40)

3. Scroll down to Default Bank Accounts and use the drop down menus to select which accounts are designated for each purpose. 

Screenshot (41)


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